Saturday, 25 August 2012

This one is to Art and Friendships :-)

I haven't worked much in last few days.... Strangely, I don't know what has come over me but I'm enjoying life without any guilt and life is leading me.... :-) An inner voice keeps telling me you are safe and just go out there and enjoy without a worry. Yes, problems continue and life is very messy and uncertain right now but well what the hell. Not that I want to ignore the problems and not solve them or escape them but I want to take it easy. For those who know me, they know I’m a panic-er... but aha not this time... :-)

Saw a couple of movies in the last few days - Gangs of wasseypur - 2 and Shirin Farhad ki toh nikal padi.... strange names na!! Liked both of them... Although, I'd say GOW 1 was way better than GOW 2. Saturday is going to be eventful.... An interview in noon, followed by an evening date with my best friend also my lil' sister Teena (we are planning to meet at Indian Habitat Center) - I'll be seeing her after months.....!!! 

I love Indian Habitat Center, it is among one of my favorite places in Delhi, it is one of the finest destinations for Art lovers - IHC organizes all sorts of events - movie screenings, poetry recitals, folk song and dance shows, literature fests, cultural fests and what not.... Plus, some amazing food at Eatopia (their restaurant) :-) 

I have spent some memorable days and late evenings with friends there and have met some interesting people too. *wink* I even like going there alone at times. I often do things on my own - I go to the movies alone, go to a restaurant to have a nice evening of fine dining alone, shop alone, mall hop alone, go for drinks alone. I have tons of lovely people around me but it is my ME time.... when I roam around and get in touch with myself.

Life changes and it changes very quickly. New friendships are formed, you lose touch with old friends. New friends become old friends. Relations change. What remains is the memory of those fond moments which always brings a smile to your face. This post is dedicated to all the friendships formed in my life, some of them are no more in touch with me but will always be treasured and loved. :-)

Keep dreaming!! 

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