Saturday, 4 August 2012

My first BLOG... yay!!

It has been very long since I created this blog but I never got to time or the will to write anything. I always had excuses... :P That's just the way I'm in life too. I go after things/people/relations which seem difficult to get and I always manage to get them and eventually lose interest! *opps* - was I supposed to blurt this online? It somehow ends up becoming too easy for me - too useless and too boring.. (Will surely talk about this someday) Like Delhi - the city I grew up in.. Now I find it too boring, too familiar. I like getting lost, I like the fear that I may not ever find my way, the panic and then the sweet victory... Dramatic I'm :P

Delhi seems to be changing very fast and very drastically! It is losing it Delhi-ness and becoming very New-Yorkish in an Indian way.... Malls, buildings, corporate houses, people rushing in and out of metro, seems like everyone is in hurry to reach somewhere. And yes all of us are in hurry to reach somewhere - somewhere we don't belong. 

Why I say this? Well the statement holds a reason behind it - when you are at work you long for the comfort of your home, you long to meet your friends, to party, to read the last few pages of the book you are about to finish, to lie on the couch and surf through TV channels, and while at home you keep thinking or worrying about work. 

People like me can't even sleep at night when they have an important presentation or meeting the next day. I keep thinking about it over and over in my mind. Improvising, going through dialogues (mine and others too), sometimes even role playing what other people will be saying :) I enact everyone's roles in mind. 

So wherever you are, truly speaking you are often someplace else mentally... Think about it!!! 

Would like to keep my first post short n simple... wish I could say sweet :P

Well as John Lennon says and I repeat "I maybe a dreamer but I'm not the only one"... Keep dreaming :) 


  1. The write up is really good and engaging.....good job....


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