Saturday, 29 September 2012

On giving 100% :)

Before you give up, give it your 100%. I have practiced this and it usually works too. I'm going to do it tonight. We usually give up on the 99th step of victory, we fail by 1 last step. I'm worried and nervous this time but I'm not giving up easily. :)  

Talked to Madhu ma'am today (she's my boss) and the most amazing woman I came across in my life. Someone with such a beautiful smile that it warms my heart every time I see her, she radiates energy. Love you ma'am. :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Words from the heart

As I lay in bed the whole day today - falling asleep and suddenly waking up in sweat due to high fever. My illness gave me an opportunity to ponder over a lot of issues. How so many fears have settled deep inside me - the fear of loneliness, the fear of being abandoned by loved ones, the fear of hearing lies and dishonesty, and the fear of losing my parents.

And the realization - dude you can't really help it. Things happen at their own pace, life moves on, people come and go, you have good experiences and bad ones and the good thing you learn to survive all of it - btw by you here I mean all of us. :-) I dislike it when people are dishonest either to me or in general. Yes, indeed I dislike it very much but can I help it? Can I change people and am I actually responsible for others?

Thursday, 6 September 2012

A post for my teachers and students :)

Aisa kyu nahi hota main kuch na kahun aur tum samjh jao?? aksar ye kehne ko mann karta hai... :) (Translation - why don't you understand what do I want to say without me expressing it in words? I often think this) i wish people as in friends and loved ones would understand me without much explanations... but then I think how would I feel if my friends and loved ones stopped expressing themselves, will I be able to understand everything?

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