Saturday, 29 September 2012

On giving 100% :)

Before you give up, give it your 100%. I have practiced this and it usually works too. I'm going to do it tonight. We usually give up on the 99th step of victory, we fail by 1 last step. I'm worried and nervous this time but I'm not giving up easily. :)  

Talked to Madhu ma'am today (she's my boss) and the most amazing woman I came across in my life. Someone with such a beautiful smile that it warms my heart every time I see her, she radiates energy. Love you ma'am. :)

To know someone or something in and out it takes years but today we live in a fast paced world. We want to achieve things without much efforts, we give up easily, we fall in love at first sight and get bored in months, we embrace failures and day by day laugh lesser. Take a moment for yourself and remember the things you failed at or the opportunities you lost, now be honest to yourself and think did you really give your 100%? Udaya ma'am back in college used to tell us to find our shortcomings before blaming or judging others. That's I improvise each day. I am not answerable to other people's behaviour but surely I'm answerable to mine, right? :) Improve yourself each day, question yourself, analyze your acts, live in consciousness. 

Keep dreaming, keep living :)


  1. Well said Shruti we are so busy in trying to achieve the big moment in life that we miss those small moments that makes our life worth living.....


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