Monday, 8 April 2013

My Utopian Love

Love often leaves you confused, restless, longing and lost... Love - funny(ily) painful emotion. Love always has been a longing for me. Ever since I have understood love, I have longed for it... I sit in my Utopian world and long for my love to join me, to come live with me in my world, to ride my waves of passions and emotions. - I use the word "Utopian" here as I live in a world of my own, which sometimes I feel is quite non-existent or impossible to exist or too difficult/too perfect to exist. 

You know, I have always found it strange and have discussed this with a lot of people that I don't understand the explanation behind the sentence "I'm an emotional person" - Excuse me, actually all of us are. Aren't you? All of us experience endless emotions, the only difference is how we express them. We may choose different expressions to convey the same emotion, but all of us are "emotional"! 

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