Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Love, art & passion

The rebels, the poets, the lovers, the artists and the writers are a different breed. They can often be spotted from a distance and sometimes they can so perfectly blend into the crowd that they forget their form and take the shape of the crowd around them. They will still be lost in their own world, itching to return back to their thoughts and their own misery, yet fulfilling their social commitments and responsibilities.

Friday, 27 September 2013

yaadein (memories)

ye yaadein kitni ajeeb hoti hain, mann ke aangan main dabe paaon chali aati hain… aa jaati hain bin bulae, bin pukare aur bin batae. woh bana jaati hain mujhe woh jo main tere saath tha – kuch khush sa kuch pura sa, kabhi jalta toh kabhi bujhta, teri awaaz se jee uth-ta aur teri hasi se khil jaata hua woh purana sa main.. aksar bheed main talashta rehta hun tujhe, aksar apne zinda hone ke sabut ekathe kiya karta hun – kabhi has kar kabhi ro kar aur kabhi baarish main jaame pani main apne aks ko nihar kar. tanha rehna chahta hun ab, teri yaadon ke bina. nahi chahiye ab ye yaadein bhi ki jo tu na mil paya mujhe. le ja har woh lamha jo tere saath jiya tha maine, woh har lamha jo ab tere bin marr raha hun main bas wahi rehne de.

Monday, 29 July 2013

I don't want to be happy!

What most people want out of life is happiness - it may come with different names and titles; forms and shapes but what we need is happiness. You'd hardly hear someone say "I don't want to be happy".... - Well, at least I've never heard someone say that and if you have I'd love to hear about it.

Sadly, we are rarely happy, momentarily happy, yes, but never in a constant state of happiness because as humans we always want more and more. We push ourselves beyond our limits and often complicate things to add some Drama in life. Well, who likes to be normal, isn't it? We are scared to be normal. It is not extra-ordinary to be extra-ordinary, it is extra-ordinary to be normal.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Give me a purpose

Give me a purpose..... a purpose to move ahead. Give me a reason, a reason that flows through my veins. Excite me, for I'm not one of those who lie still..... Built me a nest and let me fly..... Ah, no i don't contradict myself. I shall come back home after all. Allow me to fly for the vastness of the sky enchants me, the stars in the sky twinkle at me and i live and die like the moon each night. I dislike straight roads, the adventures of hilly terrains allure me.

Monday, 8 April 2013

My Utopian Love

Love often leaves you confused, restless, longing and lost... Love - funny(ily) painful emotion. Love always has been a longing for me. Ever since I have understood love, I have longed for it... I sit in my Utopian world and long for my love to join me, to come live with me in my world, to ride my waves of passions and emotions. - I use the word "Utopian" here as I live in a world of my own, which sometimes I feel is quite non-existent or impossible to exist or too difficult/too perfect to exist. 

You know, I have always found it strange and have discussed this with a lot of people that I don't understand the explanation behind the sentence "I'm an emotional person" - Excuse me, actually all of us are. Aren't you? All of us experience endless emotions, the only difference is how we express them. We may choose different expressions to convey the same emotion, but all of us are "emotional"! 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lost between different worlds

Is it day or night i ask... to no one in particular. I have books, laptop, pen and paper for company and they complete my being for the time being. I need nothing more and nothing less but it would have been nice to have you as company. You with your puzzled expression when i talk of love, romance and fairy tales with my child-like enthusiasm. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Love, Sex and Relationships!!

I'm in my mid twenties and living in an age of "know it all". Yes, these days all of us think we know it all. Yet, we always seem so confused about Love, Sex and Relationships!!

We are no more in the era of Does he/Does he not?? Remember playing with flower petals rather breaking petals. :) Now to quote something I read somewhere - "These days people say I love you like Hello!" we are living in a fast track world. Love on the first day, probably then sex, then relationship (if required) and then the break-off, little bit of crying, a lot of boozing, bitching on social networking sites and we are good to go back in the market. You can add and delete things in this list as per your convenience but the pattern remains the same.

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