Thursday, 6 September 2012

A post for my teachers and students :)

Aisa kyu nahi hota main kuch na kahun aur tum samjh jao?? aksar ye kehne ko mann karta hai... :) (Translation - why don't you understand what do I want to say without me expressing it in words? I often think this) i wish people as in friends and loved ones would understand me without much explanations... but then I think how would I feel if my friends and loved ones stopped expressing themselves, will I be able to understand everything?

I don't think so. Expressions are important. Some sorry's are due, fights need to be sorted, smiles are to be spread, hugs are to be given and love has to be expressed. Jo cheez apni ho usse mang lena chahiye... and the whole world is ours. Today is teacher’s day. I have been given a lot by my students, they have made me cry and they have made me laugh. 

They have made me grow as a person. They made me learn new things. I have broken down in my classes, been angry and taught them to express themselves. Laugh when you want to laugh, cry when you want to cry. Be angry, stand up for yourself, chase your dreams. :) People often don't understand our dreams, they think we are stupid, irrational and immature but everyone has the right to dream. Follow your dreams and your passions. I thank all my teachers who have made me what I'm today. Good or bad is upto you to decide :-) I thank my students who have made me what I'm today. Good or bad is upto you to decide :-)

Keep dreaming... and believe in your dreams... I believe in you. I will meet you in your journey, hold your hand, scold you, pamper you and love you for what you are... 

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