Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Give me a purpose

Give me a purpose..... a purpose to move ahead. Give me a reason, a reason that flows through my veins. Excite me, for I'm not one of those who lie still..... Built me a nest and let me fly..... Ah, no i don't contradict myself. I shall come back home after all. Allow me to fly for the vastness of the sky enchants me, the stars in the sky twinkle at me and i live and die like the moon each night. I dislike straight roads, the adventures of hilly terrains allure me.

Give me a purpose.....  a purpose beyond the good and bad. Lets live on a rainbow and explore the world beyond black and white. Hold my hand and lets fly away to a whole new world. Lets walk in my dreams and feed ourselves on love. Life is too small to live from morning to night. Come walk with me the unknown streets of darkness, while the world sleeps. Sit with me, listen to the waves, look at the clouds change their shapes, hear the sparrows chirp and a train somewhere in the distance.

Give me a purpose..... a purpose to stand by you.


  1. Literally enjoyed the rhythm I caught from line one... Well, you continue making me wait for the next post! :) God bless you Shruti!


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