Monday, 29 July 2013

I don't want to be happy!

What most people want out of life is happiness - it may come with different names and titles; forms and shapes but what we need is happiness. You'd hardly hear someone say "I don't want to be happy".... - Well, at least I've never heard someone say that and if you have I'd love to hear about it.

Sadly, we are rarely happy, momentarily happy, yes, but never in a constant state of happiness because as humans we always want more and more. We push ourselves beyond our limits and often complicate things to add some Drama in life. Well, who likes to be normal, isn't it? We are scared to be normal. It is not extra-ordinary to be extra-ordinary, it is extra-ordinary to be normal.

We like to stick by our identities - our beliefs, religion, gender, caste, color, profession and anything and everything just to belong. We just want to fit in among others.

The more we try to be happy, the more we find happiness running away. The more we end up scaring it. And it tiptoes in moments when we least expected it. A friendly smile from a stranger, a  crumpled note in our old jeans or blazer pocket, the first few drops of rain, a smiley face on your coffee, a call from an old school-college friend, that cute lil' puppy on the road and several other things... There we are just purely, absurdly, stupidly happy without a purpose or much of an effort.

Not one of my best posts, but a simple expression from the heart.. <3

Dream on 


  1. It ws simple but ws having a very nice thought in it....loved it mam....nd the best line which took my heart wway ws " It is not extra-ordinary to be extra-ordinary, it is extra-ordinary to be normal....".....♡♥♡♥


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