Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lost between different worlds

Is it day or night i ask... to no one in particular. I have books, laptop, pen and paper for company and they complete my being for the time being. I need nothing more and nothing less but it would have been nice to have you as company. You with your puzzled expression when i talk of love, romance and fairy tales with my child-like enthusiasm. 

Yes, I’m not the usual romantic talking of flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. I dream of the rainbows and like singing in the rain. I like walking on autumn dry leaves and I like smelling wine more than drinking it. My romance amuses you, I can tell. No, i don't like the baby pink can we please buy it in black or red? My choices confuse you. 

I don't live in black and white, I like passion and I love colors. You watch me as I play with my pen and scribble on my writing pad. You want to see what I write, you want to read me. I keep writing and playing with words, I want to improvise. I do improvise. I turn back to show my proud work to you. You left? There are no signs of you being there. Were you there or was it my imagination again? I sadly and broken heartedly retreat to my kitchen to make a cup of tea. I smile when I come back and see my room clean.

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