Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Love, art & passion

The rebels, the poets, the lovers, the artists and the writers are a different breed. They can often be spotted from a distance and sometimes they can so perfectly blend into the crowd that they forget their form and take the shape of the crowd around them. They will still be lost in their own world, itching to return back to their thoughts and their own misery, yet fulfilling their social commitments and responsibilities.

They are people who are absorbed in their love, in their pain and in their passion. Everything else to them is meaningless. The society doesn’t understand them and they don’t have the time to explain, they are consumed. Love like art and passion consumes you. Love makes you lose your identity or to say that is what true love does to you. You are so consumed by it, that after a while all you see is love and not even the lover. Voila, it has turned to madness.

Art and passion is like love, you get so consumed by it that you don’t have time to feel any emotions such as love, hatred, pain, happiness, and whatever other categories of emotions exist. The artists just exist for themselves, they don’t write or create to be applauded, they have no idea why they create they just create out of pleasure. The very same kind of pleasure you feel after making love, but you can’t put it in words. Yes, the artists make love to their work, no wonder they are often exhausted.

We may appreciate a piece of art or poetry or a song or a good novel, but truly speaking, none of us can live, what the person creating that piece of work went through. The artist is like a free caged bird. Yes you did read it right and no it isn’t a mistake. The artist is free to fly away to his own world, the artist is free to be sensible or absurd, the artist is free to create what no one else understands, and the artist is free to called a madmen because only he understands the true madness. Yet the artist is a caged bird, the artist doesn’t want to break free from the shackles of the society, the pain, the poverty, the addiction, and the heartaches.

He may say and he may believe and with his work he will make you believe too that he wants to break free that he is in a lot of pain yet try getting him out of his misery and he will look at you with his blank eyes and a smile on his lips and say no leave me here I am at peace!

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